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January 2014

I'm currently working on a number of new projects. The first of which was released on 01 January. 'Magnetic Island' is based around field recordings I made on Magnetic Island, Queensland, Australia in 2008 and then over Christmas 2013 took time to work into a long piece of music. It's now available on my Bandcamp page on a donation basis. I trust you enjoy it!

In December I spent some time creating rough drafts for a large multi instrumental project to be called 'Of Light and Dark' which will hopefully be finished late Spring 2014. And I managed to take some time out to DJ some favourite music in Hive Emerging Gallery, Waterford, Ireland.

October 2013

On 02 November I will be performing live in Aoife's Gallery, Waterford, Ireland. Really looking forward to bringing my music to this new and beautiful space in one of Ireland's most historic buildings.

On 20 October I had the pleasure of seeing my music for Interphase 3 being danced to by 'Animated State Dance Theatre Company'. Thanks to all involved.

September 2013

Despite the absence of news here, the last few months have been incredibly productive and busy. Most of my time this year has been spent co-directing a new and unique Electronic Arts festival for Ireland. Sonic Arts Waterford took place on the 20 - 22 September and brought together some of Europe's finest electronic musicians for 3 days of music in a luxury all seated theatre venue. I performed on the opening night a new concert of material based around travels in Gdansk, Gydnia and Sopot in Poland. This was a development of the work I'd performed earlier in the year in Poland.

Also in September I produced 3 short works to be used as part of a live dance, music and video production called Interphase 3.

And between June and September I managed to do a number of DJ sets both promoting Sonic Arts Waterford and just for fun.

June 2013

A bit behind because so much has been going on of late. The concert at Kolonia Artistow in Gdansk, Poland was truly a memorable experience for me. I've never before had the opportunity to spend several days working on-site to produce a site specific performance of new material. Many thanks to the people of Gdansk for making my stay so beautiful.


Also, just back from performing twice at Love Forest, Sweden. Thanks to the good folks of Sweden for inviting me back for a 2nd year. Such a beautiful place to share music and friendship.

My ambient DJ set of own material past and present:


And my Esko Barba tribute deep and dubby techno DJ sunrise set on the Sunday morning (what fun that was!)


Other recent outings include The Joinery in Dublin, Ireland (which was good fun), Mr Bradley's Bar in Cork, Ireland (which was OK) and Phase One Festival, Leitrim, Ireland (which was not much fun {why have ambient music outdoors in the freezing cold without seating}).

In case you were not there, here is a full concert video of my performance at Garter Lane Theatre, Waterford, Ireland in February. Many thanks to Keith Currams Photography for shooting the multi-cam and editing everything so professionally.


Finally, the Limited Edition launch CDs of Berlin Alexanderplatz are now sold out. The regular CD will now be available for €10 + postage.

February 2013

Berlin Alexanderplatz the album has now been released! The 9 track album is available now for only €5 in digital format and a limited edition CD with prints will be available early March for €20. Check it out. Photo taken at Garter lane Theatre during album launch performance © Chris O'Brien Shanahan . Click tracks below to listen.


The album launch and performance at Garter Lane Theatre, Waterford, Ireland went really well. I believe it to be my best performance ever. Many thanks to all including friends who traveled considerable distances to be there. Also thanks to all Garter Lane staff who made it so easy, Keith for filming the event and Christine for taking some very tasty photographs.


On Friday 08 Feb. I'll be performing my Berlin Alexanderplatz concert in entirety at Garter lane Theatre, Waterford, Ireland as part of Waterford New Music Week. The event is free to attend and commences at 19:00. It will roughly coincide with the digital release of Berlin Alexanderplatz. Physical copies will follow within the next month.

I will be performing at the Phase One festival,Leitrim, Ireland in April and at the Closed Show in Gdansk, Poland in May before returning on invitation to play at Love Forest, Sweden.

miXile live at Garter Lane


January 2013

Some initial live performance dates for 2013 are starting to come together. I'll post back news when all is clearer. I'm also (obviously) interested in playing some new and interesting places this year so do get in touch if you'd care for some live ambient at your festival or event.

The Berlin Alexanderplatz live album is now finished and I'm awaiting a date with the mastering engineer. I guess all will be good to go within a month. In the interim, here's an unmastered version of the opening track:

Berlin 01 Berlin Alexanderplatz (unmastered album opening track recorded live) by mixile

The track opens with the performances from Electric Picnic (Ireland) and St. Patrick's Church (Ireland) and Ambiosonic Festival (France) in left, right and centre channels. Transylvania Calling (Romania) comes in at 02:33, Love Forest (Sweden) 02:44, Knockanstockan (Ireland) 02:52, Tramore Coastguard Centre (Ireland) 03:00, AAC Landgraaf (Netherlands) 03:40. Field recordings made in Alexanderplatz square in Oct 2010, Jan 2011, Oct 2011, May 2012.

November 2012

Mixing is just about finished. Final tweaks. Off to the mastering engineer in December so looking good.

Initial European concert dates for 2013 are starting to come together. I'll post more when things begin to finalise. But, if you'd like for me to come to your festival/gallery/event anywhere next year then do please drop me a note. Many thanks.

September 2012

An amazing night was had at Central Hall Studios, Waterford for Culture Night on the 21st September. I performed a new Ambient - Techno work entitled Großer Wannsee as well as doing a short DJ set of techno favourites. Many thanks to all who played, partied and helped make it the best event in town on the night. Recordings to be uploaded shortly.

Mixing on the new album goes really well. I'm now weaving together Berlin Alexanderplatz performances into a series of tracks. Some work together easily, some need a little more creativity but I'm getting there.

The only immediate performance planned is for culture night in Waterford later this month. Details to follow.

August 2012

Great fun as usual at KnockanStockan. Here's my performance, free download as usual.

MiXile - Berlin Alexanderplatz (improv) live at KnockanStockan festival, Ireland 280712 by mixile

July 2012

Ambiosonc was wonderful and again many thanks to all involved. I also took time to do some field recording in the Massif des Maures over a 9 day period. Expect this to surface somewhere next year.

The next miXile performance will be at KnockanStockan festival, Wicklow, Ireland on the 28th July. Looking forward to my 4th year in a row to be invited.

I have a few performances to complete before hiding away to complete the album.

MiXile - Berlin Alexanderplatz (improv) live at Ambiosonic Festival, France-240612 by mixile

June 2012

This month I perform at the most excellent Ambiosonc Festival in France. Great to be invited back. Working on new material to perform for this!

May 2012

Love Forest 2012 in Sweden was amazing. Sincerest thanks to the organisers for inviting me to share my music and to enjoy the music and friendship of others. Such a wonderful setting in a truly beautiful country. Thank you!
Performance below.

miXile - Berlin Alexanderplatz live at Love Forest Sweden 260512 by mixile

Thanks also to Kate at Wingnut Records in Waterford, Ireland who invited me to play on thre 30th May. It was a real buzz to come back from Sweden and experiment with the music and try some new ideas . Very pleased with the performance and thanks to all who came out to hear DARUGARIES and myself.

April 2012

Just back from another wonderful recording week in Berlin. Hugely productive as usual. I spent much time in familiar locations and managed to widen my search for sounds out into a few new places. The results will surface during the year. Many thanks as ever to the good people of Berlin who are always so welcoming.

I can confirm that I will be performing live at the very cool Love Forest 2012 in Sweden in May and am blessed to be invited back to perform at Ambiosonic 2012 in France in June. Details to follow. Thrilled to be joining so many great people to party and enjoy fine music.

March 2012

Work on the album progresses nicely. I'm now about 25% of the way there. I'm due to return to Berlin in April to complete recordings for this project and to commence early work on the next.

I've also decided to concentrate more time on production this year so will be doing less live work for the next few months.

January 2012

On Jan 20 I performed a short completely new set based purely around train journeys in Berlin. All new music that should make its way into the album mix. I'm now concentrating on finishing the album. Recordings of 14 Berlin performances are being sifted through and parts dropped into the music I've yet to write as well as the original demos.

As a taster, this was the final performance of Berlin Alexanderplatz for 2011. It was also the culmination of 12 month's work - recording, composing, performing and improvising the material in a continuous cycle at events around Europe. I'm very proud of this performance. It will form a central part of the forthcoming album.

If anyone is thinking of booking me for 2012 festivals and events, this is a pretty good idea as to where my music is right now. It will develop considerably as I complete the album and do the occasional performance between now and release.
I trust you enjoy this. Many thanks to all who helped in 2011. Love and light and all that good stuff to you and to all who support my music.

miXile - Berlin Alexanderplatz live at St. Patrick's Church, Waterford, Ireland -19/11/11 by mixile miXile Live - Berlin Alexanderplatz

December 2011

On the 17, 18 & 19th of November, I performed 3 memorable concerts at St. Patrick's Church, Waterford, Ireland as part of the SIRRA film project. These were my final Berlin Alexanderplatz performances of the year and were truly wonderful. Many thanks to Stephen and the Parallel Shed folks, SIRRA people and all who listened to my music and blew me away with encouragement!

Outside of a short Christmas set I'm doing as part of the Speakeasy Christmas party in Sals on the 22nd Dec. I will be now concentrating on taking all the music I've created/performed over the last 14 months as part of the Berlin Alexanderplatz project and turning it all into a live album to be released some time 2012.

Many thanks again to all who heard my music in France, Romania, Netherlands and Ireland this year. Special thanks to the event organisers who invited me to share my music and enjoy the music and company of so many brilliant and warm people. A very heartfelt thanks goes out to my dear magical friends at Ambiosonic.

I'll be ready to hit the road with new material next summer and am already looking forward to catching up with old and new friends and enjoying the sunshine and music together. Drop me a note if you'd like me to join you at your festival/event in 2012.

Cheers to everyone who supports my music, you're the totally most excellent best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October 2011

As part of a fundraiser for the Sirra film project I performed a short excerpt from my Berlin Alexanderplatz work in Sals Bar, Waterford on the 06th October in the company of some excellent local musicians.

On the 29-30 Oct., I will be taking part in the AIA Project, Landgraaf, Netherlands. My performance will be streamed on the 'net so looking forward to this.

September 2011

Following on from my recent Electric Picnic festival concerts, here is my Fri night performance as a free download. Enjoy as ever :)

miXile - Berlin Alexanderplatz live at the Electric Picnic 2011 by mixile

Many thanks to folks who came along to my performances at the Electric Picnic. Both performances were recorded and will be taken back into the studio to be worked in with my concerts in Provence & Transylvania as well as the original material. A final trip back to Berlin will then take place for mixing then a release date should follow some time soon.

August 2011

29/08 update: I'll be performing the new Berlin material at the Electric Picnic on the Body & Soul 'Peace Pagoda' stage on the 2nd & 4th Sept.

Transylvania Calling was wonderful and many thanks to all who came along to hear the music.


On Wednesday 10 August at around 18:00 I'll be doing a 2 hour live performance at this year's Transylvania Calling Festival. This will be an improvised performance of my new Berlin material. I'm so looking forward to being back at Transylvania Calling and sincerely grateful to the organisers who have invited me again!

Knockanstockan was an absolute blast. Many thanks to Mar Q for the invite and to all who made the chill stage such an excellent place to perform and enjoy music.

July 2011

It's been pretty busy of late. The Ambiosonic Festival was the most wonderful event I've ever performed at. Sincerest thanks to Loulou and Stephy and everyone who welcomed Christine and I with such warmth. The whole atmosphere at the event helped me to put on a great performance and premiere of the new Berlin music.

Interesting then to go from the most chilled and perfect festival experience to an event back in Cork, Ireland that was the complete opposite.

The next performance will be at Knockanstockan, Wicklow, Ireland. This will be my third year in a row performing at this pretty cool mixed genre festival so looking forward to meeting up with a whole load of new folks and cracking open a beer (or 4) after my performance.

After that, it will be a much looked forward to trip back to Transylvania where I'll perform an almost completely improvised live concert of my Berlin material.

What I'm doing at the moment is taking the original Berlin demos and adding/subtracting/editing the material during each performance. Recordings of these performances allow me to develop the music so that by the time I finish the summer shows I'll have a finished project ready for mixing, mastering and ultimately release.

After that, it looks like my next project will be a collaboration. More to come on that in time but I'm thrilled at the prospect.

May 2011

I've just returned from the third and likely final recording trip to Berlin. I've now managed to record some locations during various weather conditions and at several times of the day/night.

I will be performing (maybe twice) at the Ambiosonic Festival in France 17-19th June . This should be a truly wonderful event with the performance going out on a hiQ octophonic surround system.

I've also been invited back to perform at the Gateways Festival, Ireland on 02July. Many thanks!

I'm almost finished the initial series of 11 tracks. 10 are now in mid-draft stage and a final piece will fall into place as I work through the last set of field recordings.

April 2011

I'm now almost half way through the initial recordings. Tracks posted on soundcloud to date (as below) have received a very positive response so I'm thrilled with that.

At this point I'll continue with the new tracks and start to work on material that's suited to summer performances.

March 2011

Berlin Alexanderplatz by mixile

Work on the Berlin project progresses very nicely indeed. I've decided to pop unfinished/unmixed demos of the tracks while I'm working on them up onto soundcloud. It gives an indication as to where the work is going and provides an opportunity to pass on some much welcome feedback if you feel inclined.

Check back often as I'll upload new tracks and versions of tracks every few days. Many thanks for the feedback to date and keep it coming.

February 2011

Next album update: I now have the bones of a number of pieces in place. The album with be comprised of 11 tracks for reasons that will eventually become aparent. The January field recordings are very atmospheric and in places capture perfectly the mood I was looking for - Berlin in winter. All hugely exciting. I'd love to spend another few days there during the recording process but not sure I'll be able to.

things are starting to look promising for the summer festival season with a few events tentatively arranged. Details to follow once confirmed.

January 2011

I'm just back from another 5 day field recording trip to Berlin so work on the next album is progressing very well. At the moment it looks like I will be working on shorter tracks than usual so have scope to include more ideas.

I'm also starting to consider festival and performance options for 2011. If you'd like to have some very tasty live ambient electronic music as part of your festival/event anywhere in Europe this year then drop me a note.


Older News Items from 2010 and beyond are available in the archive.

and a little psybient thrown into the pot for good measure
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