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and a little psybient thrown into the pot for good measure

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March 2016

Am currently working on a number of projects including an album based around field recordings made on the island of Værøy in Norway. I'm also working on a few collaborative projects with other artists that should appear during the year. So much music, so little time.

January 2016

Oh dear, such a lapse :) The big news this month is that on the 17th of January, I shall perform a new piece of music 'A Rose for Rrose Sélavy' based on the pseudonym of artist Marcel Duchamp. The work will be performed live on RTÉ and picked up by stations around Europe and the world for broadcast. All part of the Art's Birthday Party celebrations. I'll also perform Of Light and Dark for delayed transmission across Europe.

July 2015

Of Light and Dark is nowreleased and available to buy. Two years work and I'm really so very proud of the results!

On the 18th July, along with Günther Berkus and Little Forbes I took part in a day of talks, sound walks and concerts to celebrate World Listening Day. As part of the event, I carried out a series of field recordings in Waterford, Ireland and later presented a performance using only those recordings. No additional sysnths were used. Free download.

May 2015

Of Light and Dark is finished and awaiting a release date. Hopefully mid/late June 2015. Nearly 2 years work and a labour of love and passion. I'm so thrilled with how it has come together. I'll also be returning to perform live at the wonderful Ambiosonic Festival in France in June. Outside of that am currently in the early stages of a number of projects which should see light of day later this year.

Many thanks to the wonderful people of Sonic Vigil, Cork, Ireland who invited me back recently to share 6 hours of improvisation among some of the finest sound artists around. Such a joy amid anxiety :)

This month also sees me starting the 3rd Sonic Arts Waterford festival project. Looking forward to working with so many brilliant international and national artists in September.

March 2015

Oh dear, so much time has passed sinec the last site update :) In truth have been head down finishing the new album 'Of Light and Dark' as well as getting ready for some summer 2015 performances.

I'll hopefully have a release date within the next month so regular updates to the site will resume.

Update: All currently available miXile albums are free/donation on my bandcamp page if you'd like to collect some music.

Older News Items from 2012 and beyond are Older news available in the archive.

and a little psybient thrown into the pot for good measure
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